IT Professionals != Developers, and so what

Non-Developers and DevOps

The DevOps communities have a LOT of non-developers, and this post is about them. I’m talking mostly about enterprise IT engineers and architects. These people often have a specialty such as networking, security, servers, enterprise applications, virtualization, storage, automation, monitoring, etc. If you are one such specialist, you’ve probably used some DevOps tools by now, and maybe have been to a conference or two. You also might have found yourself feeling a little out-of-place at times, not really understanding or relating to a large number of the topics and tools being discussed. If so, you are not alone.

DevOpsDays Detroit 2016 - Takeaways

This year I attended DevOpsDays detroit. Like last year, the organization of the event and the general feel of the experience were both outstanding. Two days seems like a lot at first, but it flies by. Special thanks to the RightBrainNetworks team.

Why Develop Software?

A few years ago, I started the challenging transition from a career as an experienced IT professional to a more junior software developer. Many people have asked why, so I thought I’d start a blog post with some thoughts about Software Development as a career and hobby in general.